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It is highly likely that you are aware that a significant number of people who visit your website do so with a mobile phone of some description. It is important that you address this ever growing percentage of your visitors and make sure that mobile views of your website can be done easily and with minimal effort.

Google now review all websites to check their effectiveness when viewed on a mobile device and they will penalise websites in their mobile search rankings if the website is not sufficiently useable.

To date this has meant that you need to ensure your overall website design is “responsive” and “adapts” to the size of screen that it is being viewed on. This gets over some of the issues, but not necessarily the fundamental one that is:

Why are people viewing your website on a mobile phone?

The answer to this question could be many different reasons, but the following answers are likely to be high on the list of popularity:

  • I wanted to call the company and was looking for their telephone number.
  • I wanted to email the company and was looking for an email address.
  • I was due at a meeting with the company and wanted to check the directions to their premises.

These obviously, won’t be the only reasons why people use mobile phones for browsing, but take a look at your website on a mobile phone and see if it is easy to address the three points above. If you found it difficult to do this, then you should consider a mobile website. A mobile website sits next to your existing website and is called into action when the device looking at your website falls beneath a certain size. The sites are optimised for mobile use and have large easy to use buttons to call, email and find directions to your business. They are easy and quick to set up and all have an option to view the full website if required.

Radiant Web can assist you with the creation of your own mobile website. It will meet all of the criteria listed above and be effective for visitors who choose to use their mobile phone to browse your website. The sites are a one-off cost and you can have as much or as little control as you wish.

Radiant Web - Mobile

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– Dr. Suess

51% of internet usage is now on a mobile device – KPCB


71% of time spent viewing websites is on a vertical screen – KPCB