Cut through the complications and distractions and get your website up and running in a working week.

  • No Fluff, No Distractions, No Nonsense, Just Clear Steps To Achieve Your Goal

    A simple 5 step process to get your professionally designed and optimised website online and working for you.

    Just follow each step and we will work with you to achieve the goal. You will be rewarded with an online presence that you will be proud of.




If you haven't done so already, choose your domain name and purchase it through one of many different domain registrars. Once that is in your account, contact us to discuss your project, confirm budgets and to book your website into our diary.

We will discuss hosting of your website with you and a few other technical bits, but nothing too complicated.

Sit back and have a coffee, you are 20% of the way there!



Visit our templates page and pick out which template you like the best. If you click on any design you will be able to browse the template to check it is all to your liking.

Visit Deposit Photos and pick out up to 6 different images that you feel reflect your business and the message you want to convey. Click on images that you want and make a note of the name.

Contact Radiant Web and let us know which template you have chosen and the images you want from Deposit Photos.

40% through and you have barely broken sweat!



With your template in mind, start writing some content to go into each section of each page of the design. This is best done in sections, so break each page up into manageable chunks and match the spaces on the design with your content.

Take any photographs that are completely bespoke to your requirements, such as exteriors of your premises or members of your team.

60% done and things are starting to take shape.



Send what you have written together with any bespoke photographs to us. Ideally we would like this content to be with us in the morning, but just try to have it all with us as soon as you can.

Hard to believe we are almost there, by close of play tomorrow your website will be live and kicking!



Don't schedule anything else in for today. You will either be on the phone or Skype with us, or you will need to be available to answer any questions we may have.

We will have created a demo site where we will be building the website you have chosen. Your content will be added and images resized and optimised to ensure a fast loading website. Plugins will be added to make sure you show up in search engines, and that your new site is secure.

Once you have approved your website on our test site, we will take a full backup and transfer it to the hosting of your choice. This can be our servers if you wish.

When you get up the next morning you wonderful new website will be available for all to see.

5 focussed days with easy steps to complete on each one and you have met your goal.


  • If your online presence needs some love contact us now!


I am delighted and thankful for the way they have grasped my business needs and delivered a timely and outstanding website

Agnes Bangoura

Words can not express my gratitude to Radiant Web for the great work they have undertaken on my website. 

Back in February 2017, after much reflection and financial considerations I finally took the decision to have my website taken care of by professionals. As my business was developing rapidly I urgently needed new features added to the next website which would help me and my team deal with our customer demands and our work flow. After several pre-meetings, I am delighted and thankful for the way they have grasped my business needs and delivered a timely and outstanding website responding to what I had in mind. 

Their communication skills, seriousness, professionalism and quick response to my questions are highly appreciated and I felt confident about the smooth running of the project. We are now business partners and continue working on improving the current website and new one scheduled for this new year. 

Thank you very much to Radiant Web


Business Owner

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