Business Apps

Business Apps are fast becoming the favoured method for companies to get their message across to their customers. They are popular with the public who are well versed with using them on their mobile devices.

A business app is essentially a stripped down website that can be installed on a mobile device. The pages are dynamic and can be updated as and when required. In addition the apps have the potential to send messages to those who have installed the app and these messages can be controlled on a geographic basis if required. This in effect means that businesses can run promotions and offers to people who are in the vicinity of their location on an adhoc basis.

The potential for high street stores and businesses is significant, but the benefits are not solely for this type of company as there are other options and strategies that can be used for all types of businesses to grow and expand their operations.

Radiant Web has software to create these apps as well as train the business owners how to use them to get the most out of this growing opportunity. If you want to ahead of your competitors in this area of marketing then why now give us a call and we can go through your requirements.

Radiant Web - Business Apps

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– Dr. Suess

Smartphone users spent 89% of their mobile media time using mobile apps – Go Globe


42% of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps – Go Globe