The London Office Cleaning Company

The London Office Cleaning Company

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The Brief

The London Office Cleaning Company offers an office cleaning service to businesses primarily in the London area. This client was introduced to us via a word of mouth testimonial. Fro our initial meeting we understood that the client had an old outdated website that was no longer functional or acceptable by today's standards. The client was looking for a more polished and modern looking site that could also interact with their social media accounts. The old website did not offer anything that we could potentially transfer to the new site in terms of designs and imagery, but there was enough content to get the site started.

Our Approach

Given that there were no complex technical aspects to this project, we started on trying to get the layout and design of the new site correct. We put together a sitemap for the layout and then three designs for the client to look at. The sitemap hit the target and a combination of two of the designs get us to an approved format for the new site. We initially utilised a combination of client images and stock images to get the feel of the site correct. We also added a slide out estimate request form to encourage interaction from the visitors and to grow the business overall. Finally, we used a plugin to link up all the client's social media accounts which enabled them to post once on their blog and have a link appear in their social media accounts.

The Result

TLOCC were very happy with the final version of the new site and felt that it hit the brief exactly. The connection of the social media accounts has saved the business time and has kept their marketing plan on track. The slide out estimate request form has been used over 100 times and is now a significant contributor to their prospect pool.

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It is our mission to make business owners fall in love with their online presence. Initial impressions for visitors are vital in giving your business the edge in competitive markets. We work to ensure you have this edge.
Address: Office 7, Eclipse House, 20 Sandown Road, Watford, Herts. WD24 7AE
Call Us: 0203 362 4121
Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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