North West London Chamber of Commerce

North West London Chamber of Commerce

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The Brief

The North West London Chamber of Commerce experienced the situation that businesses should try and avoid at all costs which was the web developer they had previously used had purchased the domain for them and then disappeared taking the website down. This 'Not for Profit' organisation approached Radiant Web to address the situation and get their website back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Approach

Fundamentally, the client didn't want any changes to their previous website, so this was a test of time rather than anything else. We were able to access the old website via the Web Archive which gave us pretty much all of the content and the basic layout. So whilst we worked on putting something together that was as close a match as possible to the previous site, we also had to work with the Chamber to find a suitable domain name that we could use moving forward. Construction of the site was not particularly complicated, this was just a timed project to get the Chamber back up and online as quickly as possible.

The Result

From first call to go live was 5 working days and the client was delighted with the outcome. We located a domain name that was a close alternative to the previous domain name that was unavailable and through some email marketing and local promotion, we reached out to all existing members and prospects to make them aware of the domain name change.

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