MPA Coaching

The Brief

MPA Coaching is a business that helps foreign students get internship roles in the UK. These internships go towards the students' grades and is a contributory factor in the final grades they get in their exams. MPA Coaching came to us with a detailed technical specification that they required of their website. In essence they deal with Students, Business Owners and Home Owners and they required their website to be able display content based upon who had logged into their website. Students would be able to see Internship Offers from Businesses and Accommodation offered by Home Owners Business Owners would be able to see Students who were available for Internships. Home Owners would be able to see Students who were looking for Accommodation The registration for these three types of users would be complex and detailed with terms and conditions and privacy policies to be acknowledged prior to being able to be signed up. In addition, the Student application process had to be available in French as well as English.

Our Approach

This project was ideal for Custom Posts and Gravity Forms with various add on plugins and code. Each type of user was set up and the application form was created using Gravity Form with the registration add-on. Once the user was created and logged in, they had access to their profile where they could update this information at any time. Accommodation and Internship offers were configured as custom posts and assigned to the relevant user. These post types were displayed in a table that is searchable and fliterable. Each entry on these tables has a Gravity Form within it that is used by the Student to express their interest. The whole of the site is wrapped inside a membership plugin so access to each page of information can be limited to specific user types. Within each form that has been created, copies of all entries go to the owner of the business so they can monitor the internship process and ensure that the safety and security of the students are maintained at all times. We ran many test processes of the registration process as well as the Internship and Accommodation offering to ensure everything worked exactly how the client wanted it to. We were able to have access to a group of Students who we used in these tests and they gave valuable feedback on each process and offered suggestions to change the configuration where necessary. given that the majority of the users were going to be French Students, access to these group was critical to eliminating a number of small snags prior to the site going live.

The Result

The site was launched and very well received by MPA Coaching and the French Students. The number of Students using the site has dramatically increased and the processes within the website has spawned the potential for another business that MPA Coaching are considering as a suitable market to work in that complements their existing operations.

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