Social Media Services

Social Media now plays significant part in the life of most people and businesses. It is therefore an important piece of any Company’s armoury to have a Social Media strategy to engage with their clients and prospects to promote their products and services.

The key to a business having any success on Social Media relies on regular communication and engagement with quality content that meets the requirements of their followers. With that base in place, a strategy to expand the number of followers each account has can be implemented to further spread the message you are trying to spread.

Key Social Media accounts will be Twitter, Facebook, Google+, You Tube and potentially LinkedIn, but there are other services that also offer significant potential for a successful campaign such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Radiant Web will assess your current Social Media set up and advise on creating accounts on additional Social Media services where necessary. We will then configure the structure of these accounts to not only match the corporate design of your website, but to also ensure each account communicates effectively with each other to automate and ensure each account is presenting a consistent message.

Radiant Web - Social Media Services

“Your ideal customers will be attracted to your business because it speaks to them.”

– Michael Michalowicz – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

69% of the active internet users have Social Media accounts – We Are Social


In 2014, the number of active Social media accounts grew by 222,000,000 or 12% – We Are Social