Pay Per Click

Implementing a Pay per Click advertising campaign is something that a lot of Companies dabble with and then stop after finding no clear improvement in turnover or profits.

As with several marketing strategies for businesses, Pay per Click appears on the surface to be simple to set up and get started, but in reality there are several steps that you need to understand and make decisions on for the campaign to be optimised. These steps will minimise the cost of any campaign whilst maximising the potential of the campaign to deliver results.

Radiant Web has assisted clients in setting up several Pay per Click campaigns and understands the importance of getting every aspect of the campaign correct before it goes live. We have been instrumental in our clients seeing growth in terms of client base, turnover and profit through this type of campaign and we are confident that we can achieve these results for you.

Radiant Web - Pay Per Click

β€œIn advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal.”

– William Bernbach

Sponsored ads on high commercial intent keywords take up 85.2% of above the fold pixels – Verve UK


On average the top three paid ad spots get 41% of the clicks – Verve UK